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Detailed instructions:

Step 1: Gather ant workers (and tunnels) in your wallet!


Our primary collection is sold out!

You can only buy an Ant Worker on secondary marketplaces. We suggest!

Tunnels are where Ant Workers dig!

Holding a Tunnel on your wallet applies a boost on staking rewards!

Step 2: How? Wen? Tell me more!

You can stake (all) your Ant Workers in only one tunnel (the highest value one, Tunnel C > Tunnel B > Tunnel A) and gain $ANT tokens every epoch.

Each Ant Worker mines 100 $ANT every epoch. (Base staking rewards)

The max capacity of a colony (Wallet) is 100 Ant Workers.

You will be able to claim your staking rewards from They also accumulate for up to one month, so there is no rush.

Each holder with 10+ Ant Workers (Colony Level 1) will be airdropped one tunnel A.
Each Ant Queen will be airdropped one tunnel B.

Tunnels apply an additional multiplier on the staking rewards of the Ant Workers.

The formula is $ANT per epoch = AntWorkers*100* TunnelMultiplier (where TunnelMultiplier is 1.1 for tunnel A, 1.4 for tunnel B, and 2 for tunnel C).

To upgrade a tunnel, you need to send the current tunnel plus the $ANT tokens needed to our sacred Colony address, and you will receive the brand-new version as soon as possible.

There is no need for someone to have more than one tunnel of the same category (no further influence on staking rewards).
In the picture below, you can check the amount of $ANT needed to upgrade or obtain a tunnel!

Happy tunneling, beloved Ant Fam


Claim Ant Workers, Purchase & Upgrade tunnels.


Price: 13.3k $ANT

ANT tunnel

Price: 60-360k $ANT

the tunnels

Boost your staking rewards!

Ant Tunnel A

TunnelMultiplier: 1.1

Price: 60k $ANT

Ant Tunnel B

TunnelMultiplier: 1.4

Price: 120k $ANT

Ant Tunnel C

TunnelMultiplier: 2

Price: 360k $ANT

The 40% of the ADA from sales of the tunnels will be used to sweep the floor of the Ant Workers collection.

ant species Perks

The same species, when digging together, function more efficiently in the tunnels.

Gain a discount on all tunnel upgrades by having at least x Ant Workers of the same species.

**the x amount of ants can be found inside the parenthesis below

Dark gray (10)

Discount: 2%

fire (10)

Discount: 2%

brown (10)

Discount: 2%

teal (8)

Discount: 3%

human (8)

Discount: 3%

purple (8)

Discount: 3%

hairy (5)

Discount: 4%

robotic (5)

Discount: 4%

exoskeleton (5)

Discount: 4%

zombie (3)

Discount: 5%

ghost (3)

Discount: 5%

diamond (2)

Discount: 10%

queen (1)

Discount: 15%